Wilkswood Reggae 2021 Postponed

Delta Blow!
Wilkswood Reggae Festival 2021 Postponed

A Statement from the Team

After much deliberation and torment, it is with very heavy hearts that we have to regretfully announce that this year’s Wilkswood Reggae Festival, due to commence on July 23rd 2021, will be postponed.

This is the second summer we have had to postpone due to the coronavirus restrictions but, after much consultation with the local council and health & safety officials, we have been left little choice.

The spread of the new delta variant of the coronavirus has meant the extension of the current restrictions on large events from June 21st until July 19th (announced by the Government on June 14th). This alone would make things very difficult to ensure the festival could be set up in time and would mean a very limited and uncertain timeframe in which to sell further tickets (a high percentage of festival tickets are sold in the preceding four weeks of the event).

On top of this, Government ministers and health officials have indicated that despite the PM’s assurances that July 19th would be a ‘terminus date’, there is no guarantee that restrictions wouldn’t extend beyond this. It is also highly possible that even if the July 19th date is achieved, there may still be other, as-yet-unimplemented restrictions in place that mean we wouldn’t be able to bring you the very best festival experience.

No financial support

Because 80% of our outlay as organisers is due at this time (artists contracts, deposits for security, lease of the site, licensing and insurance), we would run the risk of losing all of this money. There are no financial support schemes for festivals and no insurance cover available so we would be liable for all losses. This would leave the festival essentially insolvent and seriously threaten its future. We had a choice to either cancel now and live to party another day or run the risk of losing your favourite reggae festival forever.

I hope you all understand that we have truly done our very best to make this year’s event happen. The last few months have caused all of the festival team many sleepless nights. Our love of wanting to share a big post-lockdown party has been constantly tempered by both wanting to keeping everyone safe as well as the financial considerations. We can all blame the Government (yes, they could have restricted travel sooner and, yes, they could have offered some financial backing for music festivals) but we’ve got as far as we did by boxing clever and we’re hoping this decision will enable us to fight another day.

All tickets to be honoured

We’ve already had a lot of well-wishers get in touch to support us and to agree to rollover their tickets for another year. We already feel bad enough asking many of you to roll over from last year but we’re going to have to ask that you work with us again. The bottom line is that, as promised, all tickets will be honoured.

Additional summer events planned

To sweeten the blow, we are already examining the possibility of putting on some ‘satellite’ summer events under the Wilkswood banner. We will have more details on these events in the near future so watch this space.

In the meantime we wanted to inform all ticket holders of our decision at the earliest opportunity and thank you all for enduring with us these last 18 months. We wouldn’t exist without you and we really intend to make it up to you as soon as we can.

Bless up
The Wilkswood Reggae Festival Team

We will be contacting all ticket holders directly regarding rollovers in due course so please bear with us. In the meantime please direct any questions or queries to tickets@wilkswoodreggae.co.uk